Geographic Information System and Dynamic Conceptual Site Model

Geographic Information System and Dynamic Conceptual Site Model: Achieved $25M in cost avoidance.

In order to be useful, data must be accessible and analyzable.  Once the power of data is realized, the path toward strategic planning becomes clear.  We harnessed cutting edge analytical tools to support strategic planning services at multiple installations across the USAF.  Through efficient data mining, data management, and employment of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), we integrated information from multiple data sources to develop a usable and reliable platform for decision makers.  

Dynamic conceptual site models (CSM) require data visualization.  Using ArcGIS and other GIS software platforms, we created an interactive, 4D CSM to better understand and more clearly present the lithological, stratigraphical, and hydrogeological nature of multiple co-mingled contamination from sites with complex flow mechanics.    Aggressive data utilization, determination of accurate and defensible site background concentrations, and dynamic CSM development resulted in approximately $25M in cost avoidance at a single installation during performance-based contracting.