Facilitated Decision Consequence Analysis

Facilitated Decision Consequence Analysis®

Many of our clients are faced with the challenge of bringing together multiple parties with diverse priorities to solve problems.  Decision Consequence Analysis (DCA) is a structured process we employ to improve the quality of decision-making when faced with issues of great uncertainty and cost.  Through DCA, problems can be correctly framed, objectives defined, alternate approaches vetted, and performance metrics agreed upon to monitor effectiveness.  The DCA’s most powerful component is its definition of important sources of uncertainty, as well as the source and nature of those uncertainties. We represent uncertainty in a systematic and useful way that enables a better understanding by all stakeholders. By removing decision-making from a vacuum, we have pioneered the combination of facilitation and mediation techniques with DCA principles to secure lasting stakeholder buy-in. 

We emphasize solution-oriented approaches in Sustainable Land Development and Restoration: Decision Consequence Analysis , Brown, K., Hall, W.L., Snook, M. and Garvin, K. (2010), Amsterdam: Elsevier.